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Shivalik Rheumacure - 60 Capsules for Joint Pain Relief

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Triple-Action Joint Support at its Best
Rheumacure is a very effective Triple Action Formula that:

Quickly Reduces Burning Pain, Soreness and discomfort with potent anti-inflammation herbs.

Increases blood flow to the inflammation areas to speed up healing.

Lubricate the joints, slowly repair and Rebuild Degenerated Cartilage, connective tissues and damaged joints with time proven natural nutrients.

Product Benefits:
Formula for joints delivers an exclusive blend of over a dozen natural joint-health ingredients that can help:

• Support the health of connective tissue. • Protect joints from age-related wear and tear • Maintain healthy joints • Promote flexibility, mobility and strength • Reduces painful arthritis inflammation
Product Details
RHEUMACURE FORMULA Arthritis or osteoarthritis characterized by swelling, pain and stiffness is a very common problem. The word ‰Ычarthritis‰ЫЄ literally came from Greek word ‰Ычathron‰ЫЄ meaning joint & ‰Ычitis‰ЫЄ meaning inflammation. Presence of this disease cause severe pain in joint areas & ceases muscle movements. Arthritis is the one of main cause of disability in India.

As a person grows older, the surface layers of cartilage at the joints, which act as the shock-absorber and the lubricating synovial fluid, often degrades. The function of the synovial fluid is to reduce the friction in the joints thus promoting flexibility & mobility.

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