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Pure Nutrition Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil - 16.91 oz (500 ml)

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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Is the Highest Quality, Best Tasting, Ultra Healthy and Pure Organic Coconut Oil. A natural super food beneficial for the heart, it also helps in healthy functioning of the thyroid and endocrine systems, and increases the body’s metabolic rate, helping to melt away the extra pounds.
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If you are taking virgin coconut oil raw please be aware of the type you are consuming to experience the full Coconut Oil Miracle.

Virgin coconut oil (VCO)” is not new, its preparation and curative properties were known to Ayurvedic medicine practitioners of India 3 - 4 millennia ago.

Pure NutritionTM - ZHPTM Virgin Coconut Oil - ZHPTM VCO (Zero Heat Process) is a premium grade virgin coconut oil recommended for raw consumption.

We manufacture instantaneous ZHPTM VCO using a superior Physical Cold Extraction Technology from fresh coconut milk.

Premium Grade ZHPTM VCO is made with Zero Heat Process (ZHP) and in a carefully controlled environment using cold processing technology and fresh quality coconut cream from mature premium traditional coconut.

Meticulous care is undertaken during processing to ensure high grade premium oil which is suitable for raw consumption. We process in small batches with freshly harvested coconut (day old Grade A coconut) to ensure proper quality control. ZHPTM VCO has naturally occurring Vitamin E (alpha + gamma tocopherols), plant phenols and lauric acid (C12) + MCTs.
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