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Organic India Tulsi Ginger Turmeric - 25 TB

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. Combines benefits of Tulsi, Ginger and Turmeric
. Stress Relieving
. Helps prevent and ease cold, cough and Inflammation
. Improves digestion, expels gas
. Supports healthy liver functioning/hepatoprotective
. Only certified organic herbs used produced by sustainable agriculture
. Tested for heavy metals, meeting international standards

. Ginger
. Turmeric
. Rama Tulsi
. Krishna Tulsi
. Vana Tulsi
. Cinnamon
Product Details
ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Ginger Turmeric 25 Tea Bags, Also Known as Tulsi Adrak Haldi Chai, A blend of Tulsi, ginger and turmeric, this one has great taste and strengthens the immune system.

Prevents and eases cold and cough
Reduces inflammation
Supports liver function

Direction of Use:-
Pour 250-350ml freshly boiled water over 1 infusion bag in a large cup or small teapot. Cover & Steep for 03-05 minutes for maximum benefits.Add sweetener if desired. Best when consumed without milk. (Double the amount of tea when serving iced.)
For Ice Tea:- Pour 1 litre of boiling water over 8 infusion bags, cover and infuse for 20 minutes add sweetener if desired. Remove infusion bags and refrigerate. Pour over ice to serve.
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