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Down To Earth Organic Wheat Bran - 17.63 oz (500 gms)

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Wholesome nutrition for mind & body. Get dietary fiber in your everyday food for easy bowl movement.
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Characteristic whitish brown color and sweet taste adds to its value for consumption. After cooking, the volume of bran becomes double, so only small quantity is sufficient for one serving. It is easily digestible, gives feeling of fullness and nourishes the body according to the need. Wheat bran contains little fat, high proteins, does not have cholesterol and PUFA. It contains vitamin B which is very important for elderly and vegetarian people who have a strict diet including diet without animal fresh eggs and milk derivatives. It is rich in minerals (calcium, potassium, etc.) and includes fiber in the form of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. To lower cholesterol, it is recommended to take 25 to 100 gm of wheat bran per day which exceeds the total daily dose of fiber recommended, which is 25-35 gm per day. It is necessary to drink lot of water if you are eating wheat bran to prevent ingestion.
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