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Down To Earth Organic Tomato with Cashew nut Cream Soup - 10.14 oz (300 ml)

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Coconut cooked into a delicious gravy with fresh Indian spices in red tomato soup.
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Organic Certified Tomato with Cashew nut Cream Soup. Imagine tomatoes getting juicier as they soak in the sun while cashew nuts get rich with the salty breeze near the beaches of India. We’ve put the two together to give the ever popular tomato soup a whole new taste and flavor. Prepared from fresh, hand-picked organic tomato this soup is light and has high nutritional value. It is an irresistible soup with spicy warmth and nutty sweetness look no further, this colorful delight is all that and more. It is also loaded with cancer fighting eye opener and lots of antioxidants.

Roasting the tomatoes with spices add a wonderfully smoky spicy taste to this creamy soup. Cashew Tomatoes soup has hippie roots but its rich and spicy creaminess makes it a favorite for many carnivores, even though its vegan, cashew cream not only adds taste and nutrition but also it thickens soup slightly. It is a quick and simple dish that can easily be consumed ahead of time and reheated just before serving
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