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Down To Earth Organic Sesame White Dehulled - 2.65 oz (75 gms)

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Organic Sesame White Dehulled is ayurvedic, rich, nutty & good for skin! In ayurvedic known as sattvik, represent a symbol of immortality, nutrition.
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Dehulled sesame seeds are flat, tiny and uniform in size. White colored seeds ready for use in cookery and confectionery. It is rich in protein (22%) and Oil (60%), offers good potential for domestic as well as expert market particularly for use in the confectionery industry.

Dehulled seeds are mainly used to add texture, taste and aesthetic value to a variety of bakery products like bread, bread sticks, soups sticks, cookies, sesame bars and also as an additive to cereal mixes and crackers. These whitish sesame seeds serve as a flavoring agent in many dishes thereby adding a rich taste to the food.

The seeds are rich in protein, carbohydrate, fiber, fat and some mineral content. They have high demand in the market for their gastronomic qualities.
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