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Down To Earth Organic Red Chili Whole Regular - 1.76 oz (50 gms)

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Certified Organic Red Chili Whole Regular
Brighter and hotter Red Chili Whole every spicy Indian dish thus imparting brighter Red color.
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Red Chili is a very important spice crop demanded as whole, flakes and powder, and is regularly consumed in very large quantities. No Indian palate is accustomed to bland food. We need Red chilies whole regular to pep up any savory dish. For less spicy food with perfect red color–regular red Chili whole is the option. These chilies are longer and pungent give a vibrant red color to a dish. Finely grounded and distinctly flavored Chilies are selectively bred for color and flavor. Many variations depending on heat value (Pungency) of chilly are cultivated in Maharashtra project areas of Morarka. Generally three levels of heat value i.e. about 15000-20000, 25000-30000 and 40000 are offered by Morarka. In addition Morarka also has some very high pungency Red Chilies, from Northeast region of India, popularly known as Birds Eye and Naga Chili. Recently Morarka has also developed drying process for green chili and its powder form is now becoming very popular as a table spice. In addition to heat value consumer also have preference for the chili that imparts more red color to the food.

Our Red Chili Whole Regular gives a glowing red color to dishes without imparting too much heat, thereby making the dish more appealing and palatable. The skin of chili is thick, red and hot. It has its peak harvesting season from November to March. Its heat value is 25000-30000. Red chili whole is used liberally in almost every spicy Indian dish. These are brighter and hotter than regular chilies. Chilies, high in vitamin C, have been found to stimulate the appetite, destroy harmful toxins and purify the blood.
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