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Down To Earth Organic Nutmeg Whole - 0.71 oz (20 gms)

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Organic Whole Nutmeg is much more aromatic and flavorsome, used in sweet as well as savory dishes.
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Our Organic Nutmeg has a characteristic, pleasant fragrance and slightly warm sweeter taste more delicate in nature. Nutmeg and mace were considered as two of the prized and costly spice of the medieval times.

It was believed that nutmegs have the power to ward of the plague. In the 17th century, the Dutch controlled the Banda Island and got this plant cultivated on a large scale. However during Napoleonic war the British got hold over plantation of this. Slowly nutmeg and mace began to be cultivated in other parts of the world. Even today this spice is used in different types of cuisines. Nutmeg is stimulant, carminative astringent and aphrodisiac prescribed for dysentery stomachache flatulence nausea, vomiting.

The spice in ground form is mainly used in the food processing industry principally in the seasoning of most products, they are also used in soups, sauces, baked goods and spice mixes.
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