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Down To Earth Organic Lemon Powder - 0.71 oz (20 gms)

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Lemon Powder can be used in pretty much in any recipes that call for fresh.
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Our organic Lemon Powder is produced from ripped, clean, sound variety lemons in accordance with good manufacturing practices. It reserves the host of bio-active ingredient of lemon and also its property (color, smell and taste). It is lemon yellowish in color, free flowing powder, retains all its nutrition values and does not contain any chemical preservative. It has typical intense lemony flavor and taste of watered and fresh lemon free from artificial flavor.

Its particle size 100% passing charge IS-100 micron 15 Sieves, moisture not more than 5.0%. Main feature is that it reconstitute back to normal consistency, add 5 parts of water to one part of powder by making a smooth paste.

It can be used in confectionery, Biscuit products, in human drinks, pickles, syrup, Jam and Jelly preparation. It is also used in gastric trouble.
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