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Down To Earth Organic Lemon Chili Chutney - 4.23 oz (120 gms)

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A true innovation by the kitchen from Down To Earth. The lemon and chili has been processed to give real spicy and tangy taste to any food like paranthas, chats, breads and munchies. Sweet and sour spicy chutney preserve the bright flavor of lemon and use all year long with any savory dish.
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A fiery tangy spicy organic lemon chili chutney is a great accompaniment to rice, bread, chips croquettes, grilled or roasted meat, sandwich. The slit red chili imparts a spicy hot taste while the lemon imparts a tangy sour flavor, a complete taste riot. Sweet and spicy lemon chutney preserves the bright flavor of winter lemons for use all year long. Spoon it on roasted meats (it is especially tasty with left over cold chicken) or serve with a mild cheese on crisp toast or crackers for an easy appetizer.
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