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Down To Earth Organic Imli Powder dehydrated - 0.71 oz (20 gms)

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Organic Imli Powder is tangy delight that helps digestion, heart problems. Sweet & tangy, helpful, aids digestion, improves eyesight & lowers high blood pressure.
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Organic Certified Imli or Tamarind dehydrated Powder from Down to Earth. Tamarind is thoroughly washed at the initial stage followed by visual inspection, pulpiness, standardization, concentrating and finally drying. Tamarind powder offered by us is a complex mixture containing pectin, polysaccharides, Protein, lipids and minor constituents of fiber and sugar. It is light brown in color, free flowing, retain all its nutritional values and does not contain any chemical preservative. It has a typical flavor and taste of natural and fresh tamarind, free from artificial flavor, color and odor.

Tamarind Powder is used in domestic food items helps in enhancing taste and flavor in different type of dishes. Tamarind powder can replace the conventional way of storing tamarind and can be used for making sauces, chutneys and other savories. Tamarind powder is having good demand in both domestic as well as export market because of its unique properties and value adding characteristics like quality, better hygiene, improved taste, convenience to use and wholesomeness.
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