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Down To Earth Organic Dakh Dana Methi Chutney - 4.23 oz (120 gms)

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Dakh & Dana-methi chutney traces its origin to the "Rajasthani Rasoda". The blend of natural sweetness of wine grapes and the bitter taste of fenugreek seeds makes it a delicious treat that is good for digestion too. Daksh Dana methi is vivacious, warm and sweet flavor chutney with exotic fenugreek seeds, specialty of Rajasthani RASODA.
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Organic Certified Dakh Dana Methi Chutney has a complete acquired taste. Sautéed methi combined with other ingredients gives a little bitter, sour and spicy taste to the chutney. Bitterness from the methi is offset by jaggery and tamarind. It tastes awesome when mixed with hot rice and ghee.

Methi dana clears digestive system. It is mild but effective laxative. It also purifies blood. This chutney is loved by all due to its sweet and sour taste. Tangy, sweet and spicy chutney goes very well with dosa, idli, chapatti, and bread. It has a dark glossy spread, jam like structure.
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