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Down To Earth Organic Coriander Split - 2.65 oz (75 gms)

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Organic Coriander Split is traditionally eaten as snack, usually after dinner, to freshen mouth and aid indigestion.
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Split seeds are those fruits which are split longitudinally. Coriander seeds are used as Dhania Dal which is very famous in India usually consumed after meals. Coriander seeds when crushed have a lemony citrus flavor and are nutty, spicy and orange-flavored. The seeds are almost spherical, one end being slightly pointed, the other slightly flattened. There are many longitudinal ridges. The color, when dried, is usually brown, but may be green or off white. Dried roasted Coriander seeds are consumed after meals, either alone or in combination with saunf, sesame seeds. Coriander is used for general digestive aid.It is a very good mouth Freshener.
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