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Down To Earth Organic Barley Dalia - 17.63 oz (500 gms)

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Barley grain dalia is easy to cook and easier on your digestive system. It is made by an innovative process to retain all the goodness of this ancient wonder grain.
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Barley dalia is a staple cereal grain popular for breakfast meal and savored for its rich flavor. It is loaded with dietary fiber and proteins for an energetic and healthy metabolism. This Dalia is another specialty introduced under the 'Down To Earth' brand. It is being cooked like any other Dalia such as made with wheat for morning breakfast. It cooks very quickly and is very light to digest. The Barley Dalia can be made with seasonal vegetables to get wholesome nutrition. Its key benefits lie in its nutritional value that helps in lowering cholesterol and hence aids weight loss.
Barley dalia can keep blood sugar 20-30% lower than normal grain. The slow release of carbohydrate such as beta-glucan in barley dalia makes it to be digested in a very slow process. The indigestible fiber in and around barley dalia lingers making feel full.
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