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Down To Earth Organic Apricot Ginger Chutney - 4.23 oz (120 gms)

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Popularly known as ‘Khubani ki Chutney’, it is aromatic, rich in essential minerals and ever since the Mughal period, has been known to aid digestion.
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Our organic Apricot Ginger chutney with a bit of zing is fabulous with meat, tarts and breads. Most often apricot chutney is served as a side dish and is considered to be more healthy choice. This chutney is known for its sharp tangy sweetness and slight heat from the ginger makes a wonderful addition. The fresh ginger roots in this delicious chutney gently diffuse the palate. This chutney gets its great taste from apricot mixed with vinegar and chili powder. Apricot is high in betacarotene, iron and fiber which are related to the healthy body. Apricot gives musky and faint tartness taste.

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