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Down To Earth Organic Amla Juice - 16.91 oz (500 ml)

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Organic Amla Juice is rejuvenating, rich in vitamin C, digestive & good for diabetes. The seasonal fruit with anti oxidant, anti aging, anti stress properties is also the rich source of fiber and vitamins. It is brought to you as a juice for easy consumption.
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Amla is a round shaped, vertical striped fibrous fruit of the deciduous tree "Euphorbiaceae & quot; found mainly in India. It is greenish yellow in color and tastes sour. The fresh fruit is cut into rough pieces and then blended in a smooth juice. This Amla Juice is 100% organic. Unlike most other fruits, Amla does not lose its properties when processed. The juice of Amla contains all the natural properties and benefits as the fruit itself. Regular consumption of Amla Juice is said to increase longevity.It is a natural antioxidant, and has anti-aging and anti-stress properties. It is also a rich source of fiber and vitamins, which promotes healthier hair,glowing skin and enhanced eyesight. A rejuvenating essence, this Amla Juice is a one-stop solution for minor day to day health and skin problems. This natural health booster is made from organically grown Amla plants, which enhances its replenishing and revitalizing qualities.
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