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Dear Earth Organic Moong Dal Split - 17.63 oz (500 gms)

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Product Features
• 100 % authentic and duly certified products
• Authentic and pure
• Grown using environment friendly methods
• No harmful chemicals; absolutely safe food
• High in protein content and antioxidants
• Ideal for a vegan diet and gluten free lifestyle
• Non sticky whole grains; remain wholesome for good presentation
• Cultivated in tropical temperatures for best quality
• Production carried out by small scale farmers; no additives or preservatives used
Product Details
Dear Earth is a well-known and reputed brand in the echelon of food grains and has gained fame for its authentic and natural organic products. The Moong Dal split is yet another wholesome product from the brand. This genuine and pure split Moong Dal is the perfect complement to your recipes and menus. The high content of anti-oxidants and proteins in them make for an excellent vegan diet and healthy lifestyle. With high protein content, the Split Moong Dal is set to take your cooking experience to a new level. Our expert team ensures that every grain of our products is pure and free of any impurities. Customer satisfaction is our main motto.
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