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Dear Earth Organic Honey - 8.81 oz (250 gms)

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Product Features:
• 100% organic and duly certified
• Pure as nature
• Woody aroma
• Flavor that is rich, complex and lingering
• Natural sweetener
• Healthy substitute for sugar
• Low on calories
• Purifies blood
• Cures cold and cough
• Has first aid capabilities
• Gauze dipped in honey heals burns and wounds
• Wards off allergies
• Stabilizes Blood Pressure
• Improves metabolism
• Good for eyes
• Prevents infections
• Prevents premature ageing
• Prevents cardiovascular diseases
• Lowers the risk of cancer and ulcers
Product Details
Dear Earth is a company that is known to produce organic, natural and 100% certified products. The honey that is made available to you from us is made in the lands of Himalaya where the wild honey bees collect the nectar from the flowers in the Himalaya. The resultant is a rare aromatic honey that is packed in bottles and delivered to you. The entire process of purification and packaging of the honey is supervised by our team of experts. They make sure only the best of the quality is delivered to you. We have always lived up to our brand value and will continue to do that in the years to come.
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