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Dear Earth Organic Amaranth Flour - 17.63 oz (500 gms)

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Product Features
• 100% organic and duly certified
• Production is undertaken by the small scale farmers; quality never sacrificed
• Rich in vitamins C and E
• Potential source of magnesium, phosphorous, antioxidants and potassium
• Helpful in suppressing hunger
• Contains lysine which is an essential amino acid
• Lysine facilities the metabolism of the fatty acids and absorbs calcium
• Essential for attaining thick and shiny hair
• Zero use of synthetic fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides
• High fibre content
• Ensures good bowel movement
Product Details
Dear Earth produces the Rajgira flour from the healthy seeds of the Amaranth plant. These tiny seeds in reality are botanically the fruits and not the seeds. Amaranth (Rajgira) is pseudo grain flour that is considered to be ideal for the fasting diets as well as the gluten free diets. There are multiple uses of Amaranth (Rajgira) flour. You can use this exceptionally high quality of flour by Dear Earth in preparation of pastas, pancakes, flat-breads and baking of the yeast breads. However, in case you wish to prepare rotis with the Amaranth (Rajgira) flour then you’ll have to finely ground this flour.
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