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AXL Vee Excel Health Kit

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Vee Excel Health Kit
Brave Heart Herbal capsules for cardiac problems. Very effective for heart related problems/Flexi Joint In combination of herbal capsules and cream/-Hypoten herbal capsules for hypertension and flood pressure.
Packing: D-Germa Hand and Body wash 250 ml /Hair Oil and capsules -60 capsules + 100 ml hair oil/ Vega Fem 60 capsules + 60 ml gel /Obitek -60 capsule/Glow Cream 60 capsules + 60 ml cream/- Antiwrinkle Cream 60 ml cream + 60 ml face pack/-Women Care 200 ml
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Brave Heart is purely herbal capsules for maintaining the normal heart function, strengthening the heart muscle and giving you a healthy heart. /-Flexi joint capsules and cream helps to rejuvenate the joint health, giving you a healthy and problem free joint.

/Hypoten Herbal capsules that helps in maintaining normal blood pressure. Helps in reducing anxiety, rejuvating heart muscle, and alleviates stress and tension.

Dosage: One capsules twice daily / Cream have to be applied and massage well once or twice a dayon the joint area.
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