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Eorganicmart is the global marketplace for organic and natural products. Eorganicmart offers you a wide range of products from food, textiles, beauty, health and wellness sourced from global organic and natural brands.

With the growing awareness for the healthy lifestyle and harmful impact of conventional products, it’s our mission to build a place where buying and selling of organic and natural products is easy and trusted. That’s why we have build this platform which is human and transparent to bring sellers from all over the world and connect them with millions of buyers looking for a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

Eorganicmart is a joint venture of Jaipur Inc., a USA based company and Organic Shop Pvt Ltd, a leading marketplace for organics in India. As a company, we strive to lead with our values and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility whose impact can reach far beyond our own business.

Organic Living

We are Transparent & Responsible

Customer First

We continually work to improve the customer shopping experience. And, to do so we seek to understand what matters the most to customers. Then, we give it to them to make a positive shopping experience. We also follow strict guidelines to list only organic & natural products.

Safe & Secure

We believe online shopping should be safe and secure for everyone. We promise secure payment with SSL encryption, buyer and data protection. Besides, we follow strict guidelines in the privacy of your data and assure of not sharing it with any third party.


We have the experience to run the largest marketplace for organics in India, featuring more than 14,000 products sourced directly from 200+ brands. We bring the same expertise and technical know-how to give you a fantastic shopping experience.

Our mission is to become world’s no. one marketplace for organic and natural products.

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Our global marketplace is a vibrant community of organic enthusiast looking for healthy products for their family. The platform empowers sellers to reach global consumers and have meaningful relationships and helps buyers find what they love.

Our global platform gives right visibility to your brand by connecting to the right audience globally. With low fees, powerful tools, and support, we help creative entrepreneurs start, manage, and scale their businesses.

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